Cardiorespiratory Fitness is measured during physical assessments. Assessments usually consist of a specific exercise protocol and set of measurements collected with sensors.

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Exercise protocols

Our exercise protocols provide a repeatable and predictable response from the body for the best results.


Wireless sensors collect data from each part ot the Cardiorespiratory system

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6-Minute Incremental Step Test

The 6-Minute Incremental Step Test is a maximal exertion test. The protocol consists of high-knee stepping at the pace of a metronome. The test steadily increases in intensity by increasing the pace every 30 seconds. This protocol can be performed anywhere, as it does not require any equipment.

1-Minute All Out Test

The 1-Minute All Out Test is a maximal exertion test. The protocol consists of one minute of all out effort. We recommend using an airbike, as it requires little technique.



SplendoHealth supports the best sensor technology available on the market. All sensors are wireless and portable and yet collect highly accurate breathing, heart function, and tissue saturation data. Collectively they provide the foundation for our detailed reports.

Highly accurate

Our set of sensors collect detailed data about breathing, heart function, and muscles.

Wireless & portable

All sensors are light weight, wiressless, and worn on the body. You are not limited to any location or power outlet.


Most sensors are ready to strap on and use immediately, all other steps are descibed in detail to help novice users.

No hardware costs

The hardware use is included in annual software licencing fee.

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All your Cardiorespiratory Fitness limitations and focus points in a single document. Reports are the foundation for future fitness improvements.


Each part of the Cardiorespiratory Fitness system is analyzed and shown in detail. Understand your body, then make the changes to improve it.


Our reports show what your performance means for you. Your age, sex, height, and weight are all taken into account.


SplendoHealth performance reports include concise information on your performance for each metric. Understanding your body and its limitations is the first step to improvement.

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Our reports provide a foundation to build an effective training plan and start improving your Cardiorespiratory Fitness immediately.

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Our pricing model ensures minimal costs to get started in no-time.

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Annual license

Pay a fixed annual license for software and hardware use + flat fee per assessment.

Pay per assessment

Only pay for the assessments you did.

Hardware included

Use of the sensor set is included in the annual license. No hidden costs up front.

Dedicated environments

A dedicated environment can be set up for additional personalization option and added security

Unlock your fit potential

Start using detailed fitness data to improve outcomes, increase performance, and reduce injury.

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