Flagship Cardiorespiratory Fitness assessment tool.

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Measure anyone's Cardiorespiratory Fitness anywhere. No need for dedicated labs and equipment.

Wireless and wearable sensors

Connect high-end wireless sensors to measure each part of the Cardiorespiratory system for a comprehensive understanding.

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Exercise protocols

In-app guided exercise provides standardized activity profiles for actionable results.

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Intuitive interface and instructions

Easy-to-use with limited training, thanks to detailed in-app instructions.



Guide and monitor subjects at home to improve fitness, collect remote monitoring data, and track progress.

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At-home assessments

Perform dynamic assessments with wireless sensors to collect fitness data at home.

Health journal

Report symptoms and track nutrition throughout the day.

Custom questionnaires

Get detailed information from your subject.


Schedule activites dynamically, based on milestones and individual anchor dates.

SplendoHealth Portal

SplendoHealth Portal

Manage your workspace and projects in the SplendoHealth portal.

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Generate assessment reports

Generate, review, and share dynamic reports or export as PDF.


Get a quick overview of any program or subject activity.

Data exports

Export raw or refined data for external analysis.

Single Sign-On

Integrate any SSO authentication service for all dedicated environments.

Unlock your fit potential

Start using detailed fitness data to improve outcomes, increase performance, and reduce injury.

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