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SplendoHealth Platform

SplendoHealth features three specialized apps for a complete suite of tools.

SplendoHealth portal

Web-based portal for program management and processing of data collected with SplendoFit and SplendoMonitor.


At-home patient monitoring and research trial participation for iOS and Android.

  • Monitoring
  • Questionnaires
  • Guided assessments
  • Daily check-ins
  • SplendoSensors integration


Hand-held assessments via iPad pro with custom assessment interfaces.

  • Combined graphs from several sensors
  • Custom assessments
  • Detailed live data visualization
  • SplendoSensors integration


Artificial Intelligence at your disposal

The SplendoHealth backend is integrated with the Splendo TimeSeries AI platform, a sophisticated platform for analysis of large amounts of time series data.

Artificial Intelligence can be used in a meriad of ways to assist researchers and medical professionals.

Analysis of High Volume, High Resolution Data Sets

Automatic Identification and Stratification of High Risk Patients

Pattern recognition & Data Sorting

Identification of Novel Risk Factors

Comparison with other Data Sets

Automated Combination of Multiple Datasets

Development of Personalised Training Programs to Improve Aerobic Capacity


Daily check-ins

Subjects can submit updates and reports to provide a better image of their condition.

Health updates

Report symptoms and update their intensity throughout the day.

Nutrition tracking

Track food intake and assign required amounts.

Medication tracking

Track and notify individually assigned medication.

Stool reports

Daily reporting of stool.

Set up for success

Splendo Health: a Duke startup

SplendoHealth is part of the Duke startup program. A program that has helped 179 companies grow and raise over $5.7 billion in public and private funding.


Customers & partners

SplendoHealth is used by several academic institutions and is consortium member for two European Union innovation grant projects. A selection of customers and collaborative partners is shown below.

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