Democratizing Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Collect comprehensive Cardiorespiratory Fitness data as the foundation for better health for your clients, improved outcomes for your patients, increased performance for your team, and reduced risks for your business.

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Accessible Assessments

Suitable for any situation, any fitness-level, and any goal.

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Wireless and Wearable Sensors

Collect elite-level fitness data without bulky equipment or a specialized lab.

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Actionable Reporting

Tailored to your goals, automated, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand.

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Defining fitness

SplendoHealth is redefining Cardiorespiratory Fitness testing with an innovative assessment software platform. We are replacing bulky metabolic carts and specialized labs, with wireless and wearable sensors.

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Unlock your fit potential

Start using detailed fitness data to improve outcomes, increase performance, and reduce injury.

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