Defining fitness

Scalable exercise assessment to improve patient wellbeing and outcomes in the perioperative space


Cardiorespiratory function

Unlock the potential of cardiorespiratory function data in clinical decision-making, perioperative care and research with scalable point-of-care and at-home CRF assessment.

CRF is the ability of the lungs, heart, and muscle to exchange, distribute, and consume oxygen during physical strain.

CRF is the most under-utilised vital sign when assessing the health and wellbeing of patients requiring surgery.

Sources: American Heart Association (2016, 2020), Kodama (2009), Zeiher (2019), Franklin (2009)

Quantifiable data

Assess repeatedly, monitor continually and analyse thoroughly


Increased throughput, flexbility and connectivity

Prevent surprises

Predict response to physical strain from treatment or surgery

Lower costs

Reduce complications, length of stay and readmissions


At-home assessment & monitoring

Guide and track patient at home during surgery prep and recovery.

At-home assessments

Perform dynamic assessments with wireless sensors

Health journal

Report symptoms and track nutrition throughout the day

Custom questionnaires

Get detailed information from your patients and subjects

Continuos monitoring

Collect health data through multiple wearables


Point-of-care assessment

Collect detailed CRF data anywhere


Bed-side, clinic, office

Intuitive interface

Flexible and easy-to-use

Sensor integrations

Connect and calibrate sensors effortlessly

Real-time metrics

Show custom metrics in real-time

SplendoHealth portal

Everything in one place

View and export all data and subjects from both apps in a single integrated web-portal

Subject management

Perform dynamic assessments with wireless sensors


Get quick overview of any program or subject activity

Data export

Select and specify which data to export

Single Sign-On

Integrate any SSO authentication service

Set up for success

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