SplendoFit platform


SplendoFit is a combination of multiple apps for mobile and tablets connected to industry leading cardio-metabolic monitoring sensors. Accessible via the web-portal with full EHR integration.

System architecture

Patient app

The patient app is used to communicate with the doctor and perform the necessary monitoring tasks. The patient app can be installed on the patient's smart phone and logged in with a secure account.

Provider app

The provider app provides hands-on access to functionality like reports, messaging, and (video)-calling.

iPad monitor app

The iPad monitor app can be used as bedside monitoring, measurement interface or exercise instruction interface. In every case, the big screen provides ample feedback to both the attending physician and the patient.


The portal is a web-based hub for all monitoring and communication. The interface provides a clear overview of new updates and measurements for each patient associated with the physician and the team. All patients details, results and notes are fully integrated with EHR, the electronic patient filing system.

Messaging and (video)-calling is possible from the web portal as well, making it the easiest way to get work done.

SplendoFit iPad patient selection


HIPAA compliant

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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NEN 7510 certified

Information security certification for Dutch health care


ISO 27001 certified

General information security certification


Bluetooth LE

Modern Bluetooth standard and porting of older generations


State-of-the-art safety and privacy standards


Designed and developed specifically for Android and iOS