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Improve perioperative health

SplendoFit provides all the tools and hardware to efficiently monitor and improve perioperative health, to reduce the chance of complications and shorten recovery periods.

Perioperative medicine


  • Pre-emptive preparation to reduce risks and enhance recovery after a stressful event.
  • A process in the continuum of care
  • First step of the rehabilitation pathway (preventative rehabilitation), followed by rehabilitative rehab

10% of surgery population in the US is considered high perioperative risk: 1.56 million patients.

Major surgery is a serious physical exertion. The systematic metabolic stress experienced by the body can be similar to running a marathon. Therefore, outcomes after surgery are directly related to the patient's baseline fitness. However, the population of patients who present for major surgery is increasingly elderly, co-morbid and inactiv, increasing the chance of complications.

Complications increase the chances of death in the perioperative period AND in the years following surgery. Moonesinghe BJA 2014. Besides avoidable human suffering, complications increase the cost of surgery and recovery. Even though hospital revenue increases with longer recovery, the margins on the addional care do not outweigh the added costs. Eappen JAMA 2013

Perioperative medicine
Perioperative medicine

Reduce risks and detect potential problems

Improving baseline fitness in the perioperative stage will reduce the chance of complications and shorten the recovery period. In addition, guided pre-op exercise is an effective tool for early risk stratification, including optimization of known co-mobidities, avoiding ‘wrong patient’ intervention

Improved perioperative care also creates opportunity for long term prehabilitation and behavioral change regarding exercise, physical activity, weight, alcohol, nutrition, smoking, and psychological intervention.

Financial benefits of perioperative medicine

Striking the balance between minimizing cost, optimizing quality and maximizing output is a challenge that most hospital systems are facing in the pursuit of value-based healthcare delivery and procurement. Improvements in Perioperative Care will result in improved hospital margins and better patient care.


SplendoFit offers a platform for cardio-metabolic monitoring, guided exercise, and prehabilitation intended for the perioperative care period. The platform provides hands-on tools for intramural activities including monitoring, coaching, and logging of bed-side, poly clinic and physical activities.

Further more, the patient app and easy-to-use sensors allow for remote tracking, monitoring, and direct communication with extramural patients.

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Regular and consistent exercise will gradually improve the overall health of a human being. However, in most cases the pre-operative stage is limited to weeks, not months or years. Improving baseline fitness in such a short time without risking injury, calls for a measured approach.

SIT protocol

Sprint Interval Training (SIT) has proven to guarantee the most effective short-term benefits in a patient's anerobic and cardio-metabolic condition Vollaard 2017. SplendoFit features exercise schedules and activities designed with Niels Vollaard, specifically for the perioperative care period. In addition, workouts can also be adjusted to suit the specific needs of a patient.

Tacx NEO Smart

Tacx NEO Smart is the most advanced training bike on the market. Originally designed for road bike enthousiasts, it offers all the resistance and feedback options for optimal execution of the SIT protocol for any fitness-level.


A patients' habits directly affect their baseline fitness and benefits of the exercise program. Behavorial changes in food, tabacco, alcohol, and drug consumption are not always easy to execute on short notice. Direct-communication and coaching with the attending physician increases the chance of success.

The messaging and (video)-calling features in SplendoFit enable physicians to communicate directly with their patients and offer guidance and support wherever needed.

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