Cardio-metabolic monitoring

Monitor biomarkers for systematic, metabolic, immunological, and mitochondrial functions in one system. Either at the hospital using the bedside monitoring functionality, or at home with the dedicated patient app.

Measurement reporting and overview

All measurements from the bedside monitor and patient app are collected, analysed, and presented in the provider app or web portal. Clear graphs, tables and customizable thresholds provide unparraled insight to guarantee better diagnosis and treatment.

SplendoFit iPad monitoring
SplendoFit messaging

Direct communication

In the traditional way of working, doctor-patient communication is based on appointments and calling hours. Which limits any contact to clinic opening hours and available time. When symptoms or indicators change outside opening hours, reporting of these events is reliant on correct recollection by the patient.


SplendoFit enables patients to message at the moment their symptoms change or new questions come up. Thanks to modern messaging standards, the attending physician can answer whenever possible.

In addition, any conversation can be picked-up by an assistant or forwarded to colleagues, without loosing insight of the conversation so far.


When personal contact is desirable, the physician can initiate a HD video-call, which also allows visual feedback of symptoms.


With real-time data and communication, an attending physician can quickly fine-tune a patient's instructions based on new information. Continually updated drug-intake, exercise or nutrition can drastically improve the patient's recovery.

Perioperative health

Outcomes after surgery are directly related to the patient's baseline fitness. The population of patients who present for major surgery is increasingly elderly, co-morbid and inactive. Improving baseline fitness in the perioperative stage reduces the chance of complications and shortens recovery period.

SplendoFit originally started out as a exercise and nutrition product aimed at improving perioperative fitness through a combination of supra maximal sprint exercise and nutional prehabilitation.

Thanks to the increased scope of SplendoFit we now offer even more monitoring options to expose and detect subclinical autonomic dysfunctions.

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SplendoFit iPad perioperative exercise